Please read this article before trying to implement the below.

If your experimental software supports it, you can also get the participant ID from a query string. This means that participants won't have to copy paste their IDs into your survey software, but instead the system will automatically enter the IDs for participants. 

You can pass the participant ID at the end of the URL as "?PROLIFIC_PID={{%PROLIFIC_PID%}}". We'll replace the  {{%PROLIFIC_PID%}} with the value of the participant taking part.

So, if your base study URL was, insert it into Prolific as{{%PROLIFIC_PID%}}

Here's an example of what this looks like:

Each participant will visit at unique URL of the form, e.g. 

Next, you need to achieve that the IDs are recorded in your data set. To do this in Qualtrics, go to "Survey flow" and create an "Embedded data field" right at the beginning of your study. Into the embedded data field, enter "Prolific_PID" and make sure that it says "Value will be set from panel or URL":

Now go to the survey item that is supposed to record the participant ID and click on "Add default choices":

...and then to "Embedded data field":

Here, simply enter "PROLIFIC_PID" into "Embedded Data Field". This will yield a string called "${e://Field/PROLIFIC_PID}". Now click save, and you're done!

This is what your question asking for the participant ID should look like in the end:

You can visit this help page for more information and examples of how to do this with Qualtrics.

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