On Prolific, it is important to add a completion URL to the end of your study (we will provide a unique URL for you when you've set up your study). Participants will click this URL to prove that they have completed your study to help with reviews. 

Please make sure that the data will have been submitted to your survey software (e.g. Qualtrics, surveymonkey, Gorilla etc) before you show them the completion URL

There are two ways to add a completion URL:

A) via automatically "Redirecting to a URL". Some software such as Qualtrics, surveymonkey, and others support redirecting to a URL at the end of each submission. Please insert the "completion URL" provided by Prolific as the redirect URL and participants will automatically be returned to Prolific.

B) via a "Custom end of survey message". Here, you can include the completion URL at the end of the study and ask participants to click, or copy and paste the link into a new tab. For example, with Google forms go to "Settings" -> "Presentation" and edit the confirmation message to include the completion URL.

You can use the "preview" function to check that this is working smoothly before launching your study

That's it. Feel free to get in touch with any questions. 

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