The following data is currently available via Prolific (if you click on the "Export submission data"-button, see below):

The exported data will not include data for submissions that have been returned by the participant.

Please note that you'll have to match the data set you get from Prolific (which contains the above prescreening information) with the data set from your survey/experimental software – it won't be automatically integrated.

You are guaranteed to get the prescreening data of filters that you apply to your study. However, for prescreening filters that you don't apply to your study there might be gaps in the prescreening data because it is optional for participants to provide this information. If you want this data without gaps please add it as a screener with all options selected. 

In addition to the questions added as prescreeners you'll also have access to the following data:

  • session id
  • participant id
  • status
  • started datetime
  • completed datetime
  • time taken
  • age
  • sex
  • language
  • current country of residence
  • nationality
  • country of birth
  • ethnicity
  • student status
  • employment status
  • num approvals
  • num rejections
  • reviewed at datetime
  • entered code
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